Responsive to our clients’ vision, FP is General Contracting firm committed to design that expresses the interrelationships between architecture and place, space and form, color and materials.
Our well experienced finishing staffs are ever ready to work with the expectations of the clients whether it is interior or exterior. 
FP prefers to be involved with every aspect of the design process and provides a turn-key range of services as described below:

• Programming and Concept Design
• Schematic Design
• Design Development
• Construction/Design Documentation
• Construction Bidding and Administration
• Purchasing and Logistics for Furniture, Fixtures &
• Project Coordination and Installation Supervision for
   Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
Interior and Exterior Finishing
Our quality measures meet Governmental, Industrial, Commercial and Residential requirements. Our quality control system has been favorably audited and accepted by our clients, government representatives and industry experts.The Company’s engineering and technical departments are well organized to identify any specific problems and professionally develop appropriate solutions to the benefit of our clients. This high quality performance, in timely manner, is daily applied to our construction projects, engineering office and our sites management teams. Our organization has been structured to offer quality control and quality assurance in two dimensions. The first dimension is the office management monitoring and authority for decision making which is granted to our key personnel and site senior staff.The second dimension is the client representative auditing. This ensures that each project receives the outmost level of senior management attention and the appropriate quality control.The critical path method for project planning and management is applied to all our projects. Project flow charts are developed at the beginning stage of each project as essential planning technique for successful completion of all tasks in timely manner.Our advanced computer software expertise effectively and efficiently provides detailed project schedules, project cost, and progress monitoring programs for our clients. Milestones, planned and actual programs, cost management, cost growth, manpower, and project changes are all presented on our schedules for project follow up and control
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