Fire can have a devastating effect on an organization. Lives are placed at risk and physical property can take months to rebuild.  We provide comprehensive fire alarm services, offering Open Protocol solutions, enabling total flexibility. We have a wide range of devices and systems, fire extinguishers,
we specialize in:

• Fire extinguishers
• Mobile fire extinguishers were hastily
• Automatic fire extinguishers work spot
• Wheels of fire and equipment of various kinds
• Recue equipment
• Fire pumps designed for installations
• Warning systems
• Fire-fighting systems dumping the full
• Fire extinguishing equipment

For many companies, the business never fully recovers. With fire detection and emergency lighting systems there is no room for taking chances. As dangerous as fire is, it is a relief to know that BTAM can provide protection in every scenario, creating a safe environment for everyone
Fire Fighting Systems
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